Energy Engineering Service

Energy Engineering Service (EES) is the business segment of Versaggi Ltd that deals with the design and construction in the field of innovative energy sources and cogeneration powered by vegetable oil, and natural gas Design and construction of district heating and central air conditioning.

The EES is the ideal partner for those who want a complete service, starting from the development of the design, explication of Bureaucratic and administrative procedures and the implementation of technical assistance and equipment to run using the most modern technologies.
A service of the highest quality and safety result of a cutting-edge know-how and a constant research and updating.

Energy Engineering Service
COGENERATORI AD OLIO VEGETALE E METANO – Realizzazione centrali teleriscaldamento e climatizzazione. Nuove energie LENR.

La EES è il partner ideale per chi desidera un servizio completo, a partire dallo sviluppo dell’idea alla progettazione, all’esplicazione degli adempimenti burocratico-amministrativi ed alla realizzazione degli impianti fino all’assistenza tecnica ed alla conduzione mediante le più moderne tecnologie.
Un servizio di massima qualità e sicurezza frutto di un know-how all’avanguardia e di un costante lavoro di ricerca e aggiornamento.

Here are some photos relating to the installation of a cogeneration system in Marino (Rome). This plant of 100 kW of power, fueled by vegetable oil, provides electricity for sale to the grid and heat for five single-family housing units in a condominium park. The EES designed the CHP and the heat distribution network as well as carried out all the red tape at the institutions.



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